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Group Info

A Pokemon fan based group that supports artist for all their hard work. Contest hard held to reward those hard working working and prizes are points. Showcase your best Pokemon art here and win points in our contests!
Founded 4 Years ago
Nov 18, 2013


Group Focus
Support & Cause

65 Members
52 Watchers
2,192 Pageviews
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SnivyLover4125 - I am the founder of this support new group. I spend my own money to support this community of artist through contests. I am the main judge of the contest but that doesn't mean i will be the only judge.

Co-Founders - These People will be the judges of all contest too and through all of us we shall determiner the winners.

Contributors - These People will be the people who have won contests or have donated to the group.


Gallery Folders

Popplio by Wanda92
Alola Team by RexiDoodle
Drampa by RexiDoodle
Commissions Info by RexiDoodle
1st Gen
Pokefinder picture #13 Cubone by SusanLucarioFan16
Pokefinder picture #7 Eevee by SusanLucarioFan16
Pokefinder picture #5 Clefairy by SusanLucarioFan16
Pokefinder picture #2 Growlithe by SusanLucarioFan16
2nd Gen
Shiny Hitmontop in Pokemon AS by SusanLucarioFan16
Maid Igglybuff by Wanda92
Chikorita by Wanda92
Furst Tablet Drawing by EvanDaMaster
3rd Gen
Shiny Delcatty as a witch by SusanLucarioFan16
Pokemon Guardian Contest entry by SusanLucarioFan16
Spheal loves ice cream by RexiDoodle
4th Gen
Touch by Lattynskit
Buizel Plush (Custom, Handmade) by brentken
You know I'm cute by brentken
New plushie: 20th anniversary Shaymin by SusanLucarioFan16
5th Gen
Snek Wearing A Snek Hoodie by EvanDaMaster
Ssssecond Tablet Drawing by EvanDaMaster
6th Gen
Hawlucha with Lei by SusanLucarioFan16
Zygarde-Roll-Ups by EvanDaMaster
Character Portrait: Goodra by EvanDaMaster
Afrofrou by EvanDaMaster
Mixed Gens
Total Pokemon Village Episode 5 sneak peek by SusanLucarioFan16
AXC reboot picture by SusanLucarioFan16
Total Pokemon Village Episode 4 sneak peek by SusanLucarioFan16
Total Pokemon Group Japan picture by SusanLucarioFan16
Contest Entries
First Tournament hosted by :iconvisionaryserpent: and  :iconxylek-clemmens:.

How to join!

   You must be a watcher of :iconvisionaryserpent: or :iconxylek-clemmens:
   You must post the following in the comments.
       Friend code
       Your 6 Pokemon you wish to enter/your Pokemon Team
   You will then receive a number, once received the take a look at the Tournament Bracket to see your place. If you don't see it check back later. The picture of the bracket will update every so often so be sure to watch it.  
   Battles will start once all spots are taken. So get your spot while you can! There are only 32 Spots!
   Link to the Tournament Bracket:…
   Link to the Loser Bracket:
       If you lose a battle you will be placed on this bracket for a 2nd chance at winning something.


   1st Place: 1 Month Premium
   2nd Place: Free Commission from :iconvisionaryserpent: and :iconxylek-clemmens:
   3rd Place: Free Commission from :iconvisionaryserpent: and :iconxylek-clemmens:
   Winner of the Loser Bracket: Free Commission from :iconvisionaryserpent: and :iconxylek-clemmens:

1. All Battles Are Double Battles
2. No Legendary Pokemon! (don't complain you all know legendary pokemon are OP)

   Exception to!

3. No Accuracy Lowering Moves or Evasion Raising Moves (Ex: Minimize, Sand Attack, ect...)4. Banned Items (for OP reasons)

   Soul Dew

5.Banned Moves

   Sky Drop

6. Any moveset on any Pokémon that is capable of intentionally causing an endless battle is banned from competitive play. 7. All pokemon will be set to level 50
8. Your Pokemon team must be locked in the battle box. You Cannot switch team members or items. Once you locked in your team you stick with that team til the end.
9. All battles must be saved and sent to either me or :iconxlyek-clemmens: (Save the video as a battle video then send us a note with the code so we can confirm there was no foul play)
10. Any result in foul play is an automatic disqualification. If you have someone not following the rules, send us the battle video and we will disqualify your opponent. (Trying to also find loop holes will get you disqualified)
11. No trash talk, this may be competitive but its also suppose to be fun and friendly.
12. No redos, if you lose you lose! so don't be a sore loser.
13. If you lose you will have a second chance on the loser bracket so pay attention to that as well!.

Play Fair and have fun. Good Luck to you all!
More Journal Entries

Upcoming Contests

Contest #1 Couples!

This will be the first contest held on PRU and we would love everyone to participate!. You will be asked to draw a Pokemon Couple along with a short miniature story with it.

Pictures Entries are due December 15th!!! No Later!!!

See more info here!!!


Contest Prizes

-1st Place: 20 Points
-2nd Place: 10 Points
-3rd Place: 5 Points
Fan Favorite 5 Points




Open Spot

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